Are you tough enough?

The WTF-Ultra 40% - 124% Tougher.

Warning the WTF Desert Ultra is an event for 'Ultramarathon runners' only, The first 'true Desert stage race' for those capable of running beyond the Marathon distance.

Competitors must be able to, and will be asked to run at least 1 Ultramarathon per day, for 7 days straight.

Not ready for the WTF?

The 'standard' desert stage races of 250km are listed below, these are 'tough' but far easier than the WTF-Desert Ultra, competitors averaging 22miles per day (less than a Marathon) rather than going beyond the Marathon distance.

Your Exclusive Race Preview

Registration + the event site, officially opens December 2011 when the site goes 'live' to the public.

Members can gain an 'exclusive preview' of the event beforehand.

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